The Virgin Mary, Grandma, and me!

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When I look back over the past seven years, it feels like I’ve come a long way in a relatively short time. And while I like to say that I just sort of fell into this business, the truth is that music has been a constant in my life from day one. I’m pretty sure I was whistling in the womb.

There is always music playing in my head and I often get caught absent mindedly humming or whistling.

It used to drive my grandmother crazy.  A restrained and proper woman of Irish-Catholic descent, she’d say “Stop that now…the Virgin Mary blushes when a young lady whistles.”  Even at the tender age of seven, the absurdity of the notion made me laugh and whistle all the more.

My childhood was full of blessings but also marred by significant loss and periodic separation from my parents.

Music became my comfort and constant companion.  Some of my happiest times occurred while living on my grandfather’s farm.

When I was a toddler, he placed me on the bench of his Steinway grand.  I have vivid memories of my fascination with the sounds the keys made and I climbed up on that piano bench every chance I got, plunking out chords and notes – stringing them together to replicate some tune I’d heard on the radio.

In my pre-teen and teenage years, I took some teasing from my younger siblings which compelled me to play mostly late at night when they were asleep. I kept the lights off – couldn’t read music anyway, so didn’t need to see sheet music.

Only when I was sure every one was fast asleep did I really play with soulful abandon.  There in the darkness, I imagined an audience just outside the window for whom I played my heart out.

Life went on and I continued, secretly, to harbor a burning desire to perform for a “real” audience but at some point gave up hope, thinking the dream remained far beyond my grasp.

Fate intervened when I joined a friend’s band as backing vocalist, but I felt completely unworthy and the gut-wrenching climb out of the abyss of my insecurity felt like an Herculean effort.

All the while, my band mates’ unrelenting faith in me propelled me onward and upward to a place where I had no choice but to start believing in my self.

For most of my life, I mistakenly compared my voice to those of other singers – specifically women with higher, brighter vocals. I was embarrassed by my “warmer” sound and thought others would find it unappealing. I also believed that I didn’t have enough talent.

To this day, I still struggle with accepting my vocal range and have to stop myself from comparing it to others who can reach more notes and octaves than I can.  Maybe you can relate?

But I have learned that I do have a voice worth sharing with the world and that the sound of it doesn’t make people run for the hills.  In fact, if anything, they seem drawn to it. Go figure!

We each in our own way have a voice and story to tell.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to let my “soul shine”, lay it all on the line – leave one’s heart on the stage for all the world to see, hear and feel.  Anything less and I think audiences are left cold.

My songs may seem quite confessional but these themes of joy, pain, love lost and gained, remain the stuff of every day life. Everyone can relate to these emotions

I also firmly believe that we are all given gifts in order to share them.  The strengths we develop through difficulty and strife allow us to help others navigate similar paths.

For me music has been a wild ride. It has taken me down some breathtaking roads that I would not otherwise have found.

I believe that there exists a sacred quality to music that tunes us all into the same energy.

My producer, Ian, and I have tried to capture some of that in my new album, “Leaving Home” – which we’ll be announcing release details for soon.

I am over the moon about this new record which feels like a huge leap forward.  I hope you’re going to love it as much as I do.

Signing off now…after this epic blog!  Hearty applause for your impressive endurance in reading it to the end and heartfelt thanks for your invaluable support!

I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment or message below. And keep an eye out for my next blog and more free stuff: music, videos and other goodies heading your way.  Also, check out my first album, “Take Me Away,” which you can download HERE for about the price of a couple of cups of coffee!

All the best!





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